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Boatbuilding between Tradition and Modernity


On this sites I document the building project of a modern  wooden drop keel boat. For the building I exclusively use european wood: oak and larch.
My aim is to show that a modern wooden sailing boat can be built without using wood from the rain forests.

Petition addressed to the Lower House of German Parliament

In april 2007 I addressed a petition to the German Bundestag  asking to stop the import of wood from the rain forests. The petition was proved by the petition committee and allowed to be discussed in the parliament. In addition, it was possible to sign it via internet. Later on more than 1000 people signed for the petition. At the beginning of 2008 the petition was discussed in the German Parliament. The minutes of meeting was sent to me. To say it in a few words: The members of the German Parliament agree in general with the aim of the petition. Its content is sent to the European Parliament. Due to other european laws enacted by the EU the German Parliament is not free to pass other laws concerning the import of  wood.

Petition addressed to the European Parliament

Meanwhile (november 2008) I recieved a letter from the Euopean Parliament: It said that the petition will be discussed in several committees. As soon as I get new information I will post it here!