The Boat
Building the boat

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There is much written about how to build a boat. Many books refer to classic boatbuilding -  I like these books very much. But they won't help building a modern boat. Other books are quite amateurish. If you are building your own modern boat you need suitable information. Thus I exclusively mention those books I really needed to understand the drawings and plan the building process.

  • The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction:  Here you'll find a very detailled description of all you have to know about modern boat building. I don't know any other book offering information as detailled as it  is done by the Gougeon Brothers. To say it in a few words: You must have it if you're building a modern boat.
  • L. Larsson, R. E. Eliasson: Principles of Yacht Design:  Even if you're not designing your boat by your own, this will help you to understand a lot of details. Especially if your're thinking in changing some details of the drawings this book will give you some good pieces of advice how to assess the consequences of these changes.